To my mind, one of the few Genesis songs that evoke real emotion. From the album Wind and Wuthering. Dominated by a slow, massive, simple organ riff (EC' C EC' C EB C EB C FA C FA C FBb D GB D repeat)

  Like the dust that settles all around me
  I will find a new home ...

Album by Crowded House, released by EMI in 2000. This is not a brand new album, rather a compilation of old, less known songs. Some versions of the album has an extra cd with a Neil Finn interview.

  1. I Am In Love
  2. Sacred Cow
  3. You Can Touch
  4. Help Is Coming
  5. I Love You Dawn
  6. Dr. Livingstone
  7. My Telly's Gone Bung
  8. Private Universe
  9. Lester
  10. Anyone Can Tell
  11. Recurring Dream
  12. Left Hand
  13. Time Immemorial

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