The first and only time I heard her on the radio, she was singing Going Back to Georgia from her album Flyer, with Adam Duritz of Counting Crows. I immediately hit record and got most of the song on tape, though the brilliant DJ did not say who the artist was. I was entirely broke at the time, so I couldn't buy the cd, but I listened to that song often. SO, two years later, when I had some cash, I wandered the net, til I found her and bought Flyer. It's a cd to sing along with. Her voice actually annoyed me at first, kind of dreamy, but her lyrics take a good swing at you, so it works. When I'm singing along with her, it's pops my heart open and brings in some light.

Nanci Griffith Discography:

There's A Light Beyond These Woods
Poet In My Window
Once In A Very Blue Moon
Last Of The True Believers
Lone Star State Of Mind
Little Love Affairs
One Fair Summer Evening
Late Night Grande Hotel
Other Voices, Other Rooms
The MCA Years: A Retrospective
The Best of Nanci Griffith (UK)
Blue Roses From the Moons