May first nodes on E2 Be fruitful and multiply!

My very first node (in the E2 vernacular being an original title with the first post in it) still exists. In fact, it has a decent rep and a couple of chings. I wrote of a person, day, and place, that I wanted to keep fresh in my memory. It worked! After that, the motivation from that first attempt, and the feedback from it, carried me along as I tried out different styles of writing. I focused a lot of attention on links, and that focus has increased. To this day, I flinch when I see a writeup with all of its links leading only to a "Findings:" page. So far, none of my writeups have ever been nuked. That is neither a boast, nor an invitation for a CE to nuke something. My wu's that show a negative rep are quickly pulled back into drafts by "Yours Truly" and either rewritten or scrapped.

I realize that E2 is less a community than it was in its heyday. That being said, I take a great deal of pleasure in the community that does exist. COVID-19 has created a lot of isolation at the time of this writing and I appreciate company where I find it. The reading, voting and writing are a welcome diversion from the monotony of TV and social media.

Disclaimer: Author is currently receiving treatment for abuse of pipe links. Above comments on the way other noders use links should not be taken too seriously.