They stood facing each other; the end all around them like a fog.
He felt out of words and ideas on how to keep a star in his sky escaped him.
A solution hung in the air like words on the tip of his tongue but it had gone too far for fixing either way.
He knew it and regret hung around like cobwebs stringing around them.
Her apprehension had never really dissipated. He had hoped then that a better acquaintance might make it less palpable. And for a while she had gone along.
But she was a leaf in autumn with red hair to match. And he’d caught her like the wind. A lucky catch.
And they'd soared, but even they couldn't fight gravity, she'd been falling all along. He could never be all she needed.
And the past welled up and fell down her cheek in a tear. He needed to escape.
He tried to capture the moment, but somehow it was gone…

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