Welcome to the rebirth of your desire to write.

The Best of The Week

I’ve only recently started using Facebook so when they ask me “What’s on my mind?” I feel inclined to tell them.

Yesterday I accompanied my daughter and my granddaughter, age 18 months, to the local grocery store. Well, maybe not what most folks consider local since out here the term “local” means about 35 miles away. The toddler was safely seated in the front of the pushcart

Anyway, as we were making our way through the aisles all was going smoothly but as we neared the checkout line things began to change.

It’s funny how the checkout line at most grocery stores keep their most colorful trinkets, doodads and gewgaws right at arm’s length for a child to stretch out their little arms and indicate that they want one of those. If their request is not forthcoming, you can bet that in most instances the whining will begin and things can quickly escalate to a full-blown temper tantrum. After all, what kid likes to be told no?

Well, that’s…

As a long time devotee of Twin Peaks who was there at the beginning, initially intrigued by what a David Lynch television series could possibly be within the constraints of network television in the early 1990s, I was naturally excited about the announcement that a third season would be made and shown more than a quarter century after the show's cancellation.

Not only excited, but apprehensive as well. Those who watched the original series in its entirety at the time it was…

Of the two bathrooms in the house, prior to pacemaker I showered upstairs in the 1930's cast iron claw foot tub with shower head and oblong rod installed in the late 1960's. Downstairs in the 1990's addition for my late mother-in-law, there's a stall shower that's difficult to clean, close quarters compared to upstairs but after bed baths in the hospital then the indignity of being hosed down by some laughing aide at the rehab facility because you can't lift your arm on the side of the…