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The Best of The Week

Warning: Lots of Cats

Last summer was full of gardening and renovating and Going on Trips and Getting Things Done. This past summer has been about chilling, sleeping in, and playing videogames, with only the occasional break in routine to go to Nevada or build a garden box.

Instead of being actually productive in making my home and garden the way I want them, the actual changes going on have all been cat related.

In April, my brother, who moves around so much that he has all his mail delivered to our house for stability's sake, moved into a room at a house where the homeowner had a feral cat problem. There was a colony growing in the neighborhood, and…

Yachats, Oregon, is a town on the Oregon Coast, located in Lincoln County. As of 2020, the population was around 800 people, although since Yachats has a large population of tourists and temporary residents, it is much larger than that might suggest.

Before European contact, the area was inhabited by different indigenous peoples, although from my research, it seems that the exact inhabitants were unclear. Oregon Geographic Names, usually a reliable source,…



Tonight I walked down the steps

past the railing


past the fountain

past the garden


and by a tree near the end of the yard

I walked into a spider’s web


I batted the web away from my face

away from my hair


and in a window across the street 

a curtain parted


I must have looked like a crazy thing  

batting and…

News for Noders

August 4: Happy birthday avalyn!

August 6: 広島

August 9: 長崎

August 27: Happy birthday Bitriot!

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July 1: Canada Day.

July 4: America Day.

July 26: Happy birthday teleny!

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June 1: SciFiQuest 3022 ends. Rewards will be announced shortly.

June 4: Aesop's Birthday.

June 11: TerribleAspect's birthday!

June 13: Serjeant's Muse's birthday!

June 16: Bloomsday.

June 19: Juneteenth.

June 21: nicolasstag's birthday!

June 21: Summer solstice (northern hemisphere) and winter solstice (southern hemisphere).

June 23: AdamTheDewott's birthday!

June 28: Tau Day.

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SciFiQuest 3022 is ongoing.

May 1: May day.

May 4: May the Fourth be with you!

May 8: Happy birthday E2D2!

May 9: Mother's day in the USA.

May 10: Happy birthday BIII!

May 30: Memorial Day in the USA.

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April 1: As of April 2022, E2 will be transitioning to Esperanto. This will be the last month we accept posts in English.

April 1: LieQuest 2022 starts; join in for a chance to win millions worth of fabulous prizes!!

April 12: Yuri's Night

April 22: Happy Earth Day, fellow earthlings!

April 23: Saint George's Day.

April 24: Happy birthday, Rancid_Pickle!

April 30: SciFiQuest 3022: Aliens and Ogres and Elves, Oh My! starts as the month dies.

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