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Though some insist it continues today, the "Irish Free State's" existance, de jure, lasted from 1922 to 1937. This same period roughly corresponds to a timespan in which the anti-treaty Irish Republican Army declined from defeat at the hands of pro-treaty forces to becoming a banned organization outright. It went from being a serious contender for state power to an insurgent group a fraction of its former size. Full circle from where it had  started following the 1916 Easter Rising before the 1919 Dáil. As the movement grew estranged, marginalized, and isolated, the career of its main political supporter, Eamon De Valera, followed a remarkable inverse trajectory. Both his 1923 address and the legislation marking the IRA as an illegal organization bracket this era. The panegyric that De Valera once lavished upon the IRA on the event of their their submission could not be in sharper contrast to the laconic, almost…

I keep hearing voices in the waves. Usually it's like a conversation in another room: muted, indistinguishable. At high tide, though, especially at the new moon, sometimes I can hear what they're saying.

"Where did you go?" asks one.

"Out fishing," comes the reply.

Then there are the ghosts, the voices of the sailors who drowned on the rocks under the headland, lured in by the wreckers' lights.

Other nights, my own dead come and…

ZTF J1406+1222 is a trinary star system consisting of a "black widow" binary and a third far-flung star that orbits the other two every 10,000 years. The very academic term "black widow" refers to one of the two stars, which is a neutron star (or a "pulsar"), that orbits another smaller star and slowly "feeds" from it, sustaining itself. Because neutron stars are violently and rapidly spewing out neutrons, they usually die out pretty quickly (in stellar terms). This one will be longer lived,…

News for Noders

February 2: Brevity Quest 2023 starts!

February 2: Happy birthday Auspice!

February 2: Happy birthday npecom!

February 5: Happy birthday wertperch!

February 15: Happy birthday Admin to the goo!

February 29: Happy birthday Browncoat!

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January 1: Gregorian New Year.

January 16: National Nothing Day.

January 24: Happy Birthday Silverai_me!

January 26: Happy Birthday Segnbora-t!

January 30: Happy Birthday O-Swirl!

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December 1: Iron Noder ends

December 9: Smallpox eradication day.

December 12: Happy birthday to horacetheclown!

December 18: Hanukkah begins.

December 21: Winter solstice arrives 4:47 PM, EST.

December 23: Happy birthday to Nemosyn!

December 25: Merry Christmas!

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November 1: The IRON NODER CHALLENGE starts today and runs through December 1. It's never too late to sign up, and all writeups get rewards.

November 1: Happy Birthday Zephronias!

November 5: Bonfire Night in the UK.

November 11: Veterans Day in the US.

November 13: Everything2's Birthday.

November 27: Happy Birthday Estelore!

November 24: Thanksgiving in the US.

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October 1: Oh no! It's The 2022 Halloween Horrorquest.

October 17: Happy Birthday gnarl!

October 31: Something spooky will probably happen today. It usually does.

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