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The π FAQ

(also known as Why Pi is not special in the way you think it’s special)

By Andycyca, based on this GitHub repo, but with added links for E2.

This version: 2020-10-20

  • What is this?
  • 1 Is π random?
  • 2 Is π infinite?
  • 3 Do the digits of π digits go on forever?
  • 4 How can we be sure that the digits of π go on forever?
  • 5 How can we be sure that π is transcendental?
  • 6 Is π irrational?
  • 7 Is it true that π has no exact value?
  • 8 Is it true that π is not defined?
  • 9 Is it impossible to know the “real” value of π?
  • 10 Is it true that I can calculate π with ruled paper and toothpicks?
  • 11 Is it true that my name is somewhere in the digits of π?
  • 12 Is it true that my phone

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