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"You are a-- how shall I put this?-- a modern writer. People like you because you're young and dynamic. And hip. That's what you are-- a hip writer. Nobody expects you to win the Pulitzer Prize; they like your books because they're cool, they're entertaining, and there's nothing wrong with that... you must be aware that some of your popularity comes from being young and good-looking."
--The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair 267-8

Skilled musicians who devote years to their craft could be excused if they disdain the latest pop princess, someone with good looks and connections but little talent who grows rich from a handful of hyped hits. Writers of erotica, typing away in solitude, knowing they'll never find mainstream success, doubtless were a tad peeved when E.L James hit gold with poorly-rewritten sadomasochistic Twilight fanfic. People who have given years of…

In the swirl of social media, I occasionally run across a climate change denialist. Or, for that matter, a denialist of anything that is established science. My own beliefs about science, validity, and truth are complicated, but rather than getting bogged down in the epistemological quicksand of determining whether someone is being a skeptic or a denialist. But there is one test for me: whether the argument is expected to be resolved in the same manner as the melodramatic

George Barris had THE shop which produced THE cars for movies and TV in the 1960s through the 1980s.

Whatever the TV property was, it had a groovy Kustom as part of the show, and it was as much a star as the rest of the cast. The Munsters had the Munster Koach, consisting of three  Model T Fords welded together and shaped into something the entire family could enjoy. Ornate scrollwork combined with some slick 1960s car/racing tech, including an Isky bumpstick and some racing…

News for Noders

August 4 Happy birthday avalyn!

August 6 広島

August 27 Happy birthday Bitriot

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July 1: Brevity Quest 2017 begins!

July 4: Alice’s Day (AKA Alice in Wonderland Day); also Independence day in the US.

July 19-24: Hemingway Days; party central is Key West, Florida.

July 31: Harry Potter's Birthday.

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SciFiQuest 3017: The Frontier that Wouldn't End... hasn't ended. Still. See the quest node for details.

June 4: Aesop's Birthday.

June 11: TerribleAspect's birthday!

June 16: Bloomsday.

June 19: Juneteenth.

June 21: The first day of summer (northern hemisphere) and winter (southern hemisphere).

June 25 SciFiQuest 3017: The Frontier that Wouldn't End has ended.

June 28: Tau Day.

Get ready for Brevity Quest 2017, coming soon to a website near you!

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April 1: April Fool's Day has been cancelled. Everyone just go home.

April 6: Happy birthday, borgo!

April 7: Happy birthday, Tem42!

April 12: Yuri's Night

April 22: It's Earth Day, fellow earthlings!

April 24: Happy birthday, Rancid_Pickle!

April 24: It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown!

SciFiQuest 3017: The Frontier that Wouldn't End is coming May 1st!

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Hello everyone,

As you can see in your URL bar, TLS (https://) is live!

What does this mean for you?

We are on the lookout for various browser warnings. All of the themes have all been ported over. There are some http assets in some of the second-tier superdocs, but we'll clean those up as we find them. If you are seeing crazy browser warnings or can't access the site, please drop me an email. On-site messages or Github issues are also good for keeping track of broken things.

We should see an increase in search engine traffic as they tend to penalize non-https sites. This is one of the steps to continue to secure the future of the site, and I'm very pleased we're able to get it done.

Additionally, the load on the server is considerably higher. I've pushed some changes to stabilize it, but we may experience some choppiness. Please let me know if you get connection errors

A lot of really old features or features that won't handle the 301 redirect properly may break. We'll do what we can to support them, but this is one of the instances where old broken stuff might just end up staying broken.