An E2 game similar to degrees of Everything, but more goal-oriented.

  1. Hit random node. Repeat until you're on a node with at least one soft-link. This brings you to node zero.
  2. It's your move! Click on any soft-link. This brings you to node 1.
  3. Continue clicking on soft-links until you hit a node with one of your writeups.
  4. Your score is the number of the last node.
Your score in the game depends both on your nodeshare AND your understanding of the lie of Everything2.


  1. My random node is waste treatment plant.
  2. Smelling a quick end, I click on Star Trek. No, I don't have a writeup there, but...
  3. Highlights from Star Trek's "Starfleet Ship Design Manual" (chapter 7, "Designing the bridge") -- I wrote that! Click on it, and get a score of 2.
My second game:
  1. the Grand Banks. See...
  2. What would Jackie Chan do?. Good node, sure to have loads of soft-links. And YES! Somebody soft-linked...
  3. focus follows mouse which brings me to...
  4. sloppy focus.
Score is 3.
Of course, since noding this, my par has plummeted. Here's my latest round:
  1. The Obvious Child
  2. Thank you for not sharing (thinks: must be linked to zillions of things)
  3. silence is golden (thinks: golden ratio, maybe?)
  4. Let me get you a nice cold glass of shut the hell up (damn! best come to some node which should be linked to everything)
  5. Boy meets me, boy becomes infatuated with me, boy realizes I take up space, boy runs like hell. (STILL no luck, but...)
  6. Why randomnode is not really random (thinks: MUST link to E2 PRNG)
  7. The Node Linked to All Others (thinks: must link to one of mine...)

Yes, I'd forgotten I had a writeup there. So I was lucky to get a score of just 6...

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