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Oh, heroic and erudite questing noder, wilt thou help?

It has come to the attention of some residents of the nodegel that, at the time of this writing, there are no nodes (or nodeshells) for side quest, sidequest, or even side-quest*. Likewise, there is neither node nor nodeshell for side as either prefix, infix, or postfix. And, sadly, but one writeup, albeit lengthy, exists for side and that is by ol' Webster back in 1999 (or was it 1913?). Empty nodes and abandoned nodeshells dot the nodescape. One cannot even get a side salad or a side of fries or rings; in truth, no side order of anything in all the land. The residents are beside themselves in feeling this is not appropriate and beseech thee to choose a side and bring back knowledge from the far reaches of the nodegel upon thy return. Again, wilt thou help?


Commencing on the upcoming solstice, this quest seeks side content.


  • Side Quest 2024 begins at 00:00:00 (E2 server time) on June 20, and ends at 23:59:59 (E2 server time) on July 15. Writeups submitted outside of that timeframe will not be considered part of this quest. (There might be a 24-hour grace period (or more), before or after. Convince me, or just ask.)
  • Thou must include the word or affix side in each node title of any writeup submitted to this quest. Any of the following may be used instead of side when it is appropriate and correct to do so: sided, sidedness, sider, sides, siding, sidings. Compound words are also acceptable, with the above considerations.
  • Just because the letters s, i, d, and e appear next to one another in that order does not mean the word "side" is present in a term. Consider sidereal, for example.
  • Logs are permitted but must be on theme and titled appropriately. Strict day logs shall not be counted due to title restrictions. Otherwise, any topic fitting your chosen node title, any form, anything goes.
  • There is no minimum or maximum length for writeups. They must simply survive. Nuked nodes will not count. Therefore, final rewards will not be dispensed until a couple of days after the July 15 deadline, to allow last-minute writeups to be voted on and pass muster with the editors/village elders.
  • Thou mayest prepare material in advance.
  • It is strongly suggested that thou shalt refrain from making new nodeshells unless they then become nodes during this quest. New nodes? Of course and yes, please. New writeups under existing nodes? If one is so led, write 'em. This quest is for content and such is thy geas.
  • Thou must soft link to this node, thus expanding the map of the known nodegel.
  • A Side Quest may run alongside, within, concurrently, or independently of other quests and should not hamper, hinder, or replace normal noding activities.

The judges for this quest are me, my self, and I.
The judging panel will, after this quest has ended, select the best of all accepted writeups, and suitable rewards will be forthcoming.
All accepted entries will be linked into the Side Quest 2024 submissions category. Side Content, as infrastructure and tradition dictate.


The upside of completing a sidequest often results in the acquisition of some combination of the following: GP, other treasure, XP, levels, other achievements, and information.

  • 25GP per successful writeup.
  • 5GP bonus per writeup for ten or more writeups surviving.
  • 5GP per nodeshell listed below rescued.
  • XP as per normal rules and regulations.
  • Opportunities to level up and possibly gain powers, be blessed, get sanctified, receive stars, unlock achievements, et cetera, depending on where thou art in thy journey and the skill(s) applied to thy noding.
  • Refining skills and obtaining (and sharing) knowledge.
  • Legendary fame and the respect of one's peers.

Additional inspiration:

An admittedly incomplete selection of nodeshells awaiting rediscovery and worthy content are:

We can do the sideways thinking that's needed to combat something which can literally eat your combat training. - Ambrose Burnside - Burnside Bridge - Lower East Side - short back and sides - Right side up - Outside Inside - How to get in touch with your feminine side - My Side of the Mountain - toe side - heel side - static we bring trouble to your right side - ringside - H-Day: Sweden's conversion from left to right side driving - side tank - side hustle - Black Hand Over Europe - Appendices: The Hidden Side of the Balkan Pact - This Side - side rod - The Abridged Edition: She was to one side, he was to the other, an untested bridge between them - demand side - Playing both sides - Why toast lands butter side down - side dish - Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz - Jittery with a side dish of nervous anticipation - Is it any surprise that the Almighty chose to strike at a town on the opposite side of the country? - To die by your side - when she saw the funny side, we introduced my child bride to whisky and gin - The Other Side of the Internet - The Dark Side of Nowhere - salty side of lust - side firebox - You Are On Our Side - Ignoring a leak because it's on the other side of the boat - Side effects of pregnancy - sonar side lobe reduction - side bar - offside - A Satanist is just a Christian who chose the losing side. - turn it up; she's on the other side of the mirror - To which side does sir dress?- aluminum siding - vinyl siding - Besides the part where she was the only one - beside the upturned soil - there is a dead woman who lives beside us - I am the one who stood beside you and smiled - turn that frown upside down - I am saving many smiles for a new upside down tomorrow - Down on the Upside - upside-down - Downside School - A-side - Elizabeth Ironside - Michael Ironside - Picnic On Nearside - sideboob - sidehug - sidewalk chalk

   *Note: For clarity(?), side quest is used more consistently in non-gaming contexts whereas sidequest is more specifically used when discussing actions in a game, whatever that game may be. I've yet to find consensus on the use of side-quest. Of course, as this is American English on the interweb, exceptions and lack of understanding run rampant here, there, and everywhere.


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