Aren't we proud of ourselves. The human race has mastered rationality and logic; we have successfully applied science and natural law. We have built cities and processed food, we have made medicines and even instantaneous communication anywhere on the planet. As someone on the street put it, "We're all doing just fine".

Yeah fucking right.
This planet is overpopulated. We're raping away our natural resources because people are afraid of change and losing a dollar. We're all alienated and frustrated and lonely because our precious logic failed miserably to salve our emotions; the emotions, of course, being repressed like that, came back and bit us in our collective ass and now most of the adult population is no better emotionally than disturbed children. Our spirituality went to shit when the Church figured out how to turn a buck. Money seems to be the only thing the world has in abundance, and yet over 99% of the world's population live below the poverty line. Whole countries can't eat, and whole other countries obviously don't care. Our medicines would be wonderful if you didn't have to be rich to get them; then again, the whole human race is being decimated by the biggest plague in recorded history--and most of us don't pay attention to that either because we're all so sick of being hyped at and lied to that many of us genuinely don't care anymore, as long as we're finally left alone about it.

The next time I hear someone say we're all doing fine, I think I shall empty several clips from a .45 into them. That way they can die happy, before they actually figure out what's going on.

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