What I'm about to describe is a form of magic, the kind I wished for as a child. The kind that is real, but is nonetheless magical. I think of language as a kind of magic now. Words have the ability to change reality, after all. Certain actions and experiences...you get the idea.

Most of the time you are a kind of cloud, of thought, feeling, intention and in a very literal sense we are surrounded by a vague insensible cloud of breath and dust. We are so often on our way somewhere else, we are so rarely here. I have found one of the ways to be here. I can tell you about it, but unless you give it a try for yourself I don't think you will ever really understand what I'm trying to tell you - it has to happen to you. I hope it does, I hope it works. You'll need a few things.

You'll need a clearish night, and a large body of water. Somewhere with gentle waves and salt water is best. You need to be able to relax and be held by the motion of the water. You'll need a place to put your clothes. I usually just leave mine buried on the beach, well above the tide-line. Get into the water, get out to a depth you can't stand up in, and lie on your back. Relax. Find the balance point where you can remain as comfortable and still as possible as the water supports you. Look up, look up at the stars and moon and clouds and whatever else you can see up there. See but don't search. Feel the water, your own nakedness, and the night.

If the magic has worked, you have been transformed into what you have always been. You should feel exactly like what you are. It's a good feeling. Every time I've ever done this, the experience has filled me completely. The stars are very far away but you are looking right at them, their light is hitting the back of your eyeballs, the front of your brain. You are an animal on a big wet rock flying through space.