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New homenode pic, after over ten years.

Cool Man Eddie says Sweet! mauler just awarded you a Thousand-Pointed Star, because fixing A Thousand Points of Light!

I still have the nice little nodeshell challenge going on. I'm sorry I was away so long. I missed you all, so I will pop back in more frequently. I appear to be back.

e-mail is my username at protonmail dot com. You can also get me on Signal Messenger — ask me how.

I am

I'm also opinionated.

New to E2? Instant advice:
  • Spend a day reading around before you post anything.
  • Read at least one FAQ. My initial suggestion is Everything2 Help, and Everything2 FAQ.
  • Understand that three things a writeup needs, beyond mere words, are:
    1. Formatting - at least use <p> for paragraph breaks
    2. Hard links - [ and ] around anything you want to link to
    3. Soft Links - created by either clicking through hard links, or using "Search"
    4. Good spelling and grammar
    Okay, there were four things...
  • Use drafts and do not be afraid to ask for advice.
  • Get help - anyone with a $ or @ against their name will assist
  • At a loss for a topic? See Everything's Most Wanted, wertperch's nodeshell challenge or jessicapierce's scratchpad
  • Feedback is intended to help you to improve both in your writing and in understanding E2. Behaviour breeds behaviour - if you respond to feedback with hostility you will be met with hostility, but if you respond with appreciation, you will get a better response in the future.
  • Have fun!

Some of my work, by subject

Coming to America Christine's Cancer Editor Logs Fiction, poetry
Food, shelter and a broadband connection The Day the Breast Fairy Came Editorial Philosophy Moonshadow
The Tao of Ducks Wishing for Star Trek technology On E2 Balance Robots and souls alike
Meeting Christine I Married A Bald Amazon On Good Feedback Skin Deep
Our handfasting Seven Down, One To Go E2 history; a look forward Would that I were a Poet
An Exercise in British and American English Why am I so tired? Care and watering of noders Nema live morf su reviled
US Highway 50 Mastectomy bras, or not Back in harness Homeopathic treatment of gunshot wounds
Back to Blighty The Village of Caring Feedback, and newcomers Into the mind of God
Mad Dogs And Englishmen Going to hospice care Back as an editor; a call to arms These are the moments I would share with you
Green card Caregiver Syndrome Ode to a lost hawk
Reflections on Thanksgiving A Song for Christine, at her departure These are the only hands I can give
Learning to shoot Life after death I am at the crossroads in the Garden of Eden, and before me is the Tree of Knowledge.
Going Native Honouring grundoon
The Memorial

You will find my (almost totally neglected) blog on Blogspot and a beer blog on Wordpress. Don't look for me on Facebook or Twitter. One day I'm going to nuke the accounts I have there.

If ever you want to treat me to something, I've a Wish List on Amazon.

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