A month of Lies, Myths and a smattering of Chaos to honour April Fool's Day 3190 YOLD

A Worldwide Wertperch production, in association with Weroland-Yutani Enterprises and Panamaus Pan-Global.

"Don't believe everything you read on the internet"
Abraham Lincoln

"A Lie Can Travel Halfway Around the World While the Truth Is Putting On Its Shoes"Mark Twain, probably.

First there was LieQuest 2013, then just as you thought it was safe to get back in the water, came LieQuest 2022. Now in the Year of our Lady of Discord 3190 we bring you the latest in Untruth Technology. Lies, Discord and Mythology are the stuff of the month.

As has been the case with previous such quests, we're looking for lies, stories about lies and the lying liars who told them. Tall tales, stories from whichever mythology you fancy, "real" or imagined. Discordian stories. Just make shit up, but do it well.

There is a fine line between fiction and tall tales. This is not a "fiction" quest. These are stories told as though they are real. Think Hinzelman's stories from American Gods, or Paul Bunyan folktales. Node something from your favourite mythology. Write about such as the Jackalope, spaghetti tree or The Patron Saint of Liars. Even better, peek at the entrants for LieQuest 2013 and LieQuest 2022.

Some Rules

  1. This Quest will run from 00:00 server time on 1 April, 2024 until 23:59 on 31 April 2024.
  2. Writeups must be clearly and openly hard-linked to this node. No sneaky, crafty pipelinks.
  3. Only writeups posted within the times allotted will be accepted.
  4. Daylogs are permitted only if they describe April Fool pranks played by or on you this year.
  5. No limit to the number of QUest entries. Just be polite and don't swamp New Writeups (suggested limit in MW is 3).
  6. Message wertperch once you have posted your writeup.
  7. Each writeup accepted will gain a small reward of 124GP.
  8. Each C! on accepted writeups will receive a bonus of 24GP.
  9. There may or may not be an overall winner. Possibly a couple, if we get round to it.
  10. Prizewinners may get a postcard trophy if we can get that organised.
  11. The judges' opinions are final and subject to the usual bribes.
  12. UpdateI have finally locked the node for Nick Ayala. He is now dead to us all.
  13. Do not talk about Fight Club (or Nick Ayala, come to that)

The judges for this Quest are: weroland, panamaus and the Duke of Orleans. The judging panel will, after the Quest has ended, select the best of all accepted writeups, and suitable rewards will be forthcoming. All accepted entries will be linked into the LieQuest 2024 category.

  1. Everything2 News, April 2024 by Tem42
  2. Dick Andrysiak by panamaus
  3. Knig of Tyops by weroland
  4. Laura Eight, Poet Laureate of Discordianism by weroland
  5. Girl Scout Cookie Delivery - Update!by losthuskie
  6. Foundation for Telling Me How Great I Am by panamaus
  7. Principia Discordia - Introduction by weroland
  8. Nick AYala, the last of him, by weroland
  9. skulduggery by wertperch
  10. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Bloody Hell, It's an Irishman! by panamaus
  11. sechsterTag by weroland
  12. The penis mightier than the sword by panamaus
  13. White WIlderness by wertperch
  14. Conflagration by passalidae
  15. Three horrible old women and a monkey by panamaus
  16. Roman Catholic approved contraceptive by wertperch
  17. Let's get milk-faced and hum like rabbits by panamaus]
  18. Got Milk? by wertperch
  19. neomyth by weroland
  20. Perestroika and Glasscock by Swift
  21. SETEC Astronomy by wertperch
  22. dronf eht eraweb by weroland
  23. Alayak Cin by everyone
  24. Muffin Man by wertperch
  25. Alayak Cin by Jet-Poop
  26. Can I Kalay? by weroland
  27. Curse of Greyface by weroland
  28. Sacred Chao by wertperch
  29. St. Gulik by weroland
  30. Andrew Tate by hazelnut
  31. Starbuck's Pebbles by weroland
  32. Taylor Swift by Jet-poop
  33. Myth of Starbuck by weroland
  34. Haint by weroland
  35. queso Chihuahua by weroland
  36. Alayak Cin by weroland
  37. Your writeup here‽

$ xclip -o | wc -w

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