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Anyone wishing an audience with me, need only outside of E2 need only /msg me.

I solemnly covenant that at least 90% of my writeups shall be factual writeups...or not. Whatever.

First, let me assure you that I am quite severely sane.

After years of imitating life on the stage, I finally managed to figure out what it was, in that it is very satisfying to know you are renowned through out the world for what you do, not particularly because you do it well, but because it is what you are doing. I understood this too the point that I went utterly sane, realizing that everything I did was upside down, and suddenly began to use extremely too many adjectives. I explained this to the people that I knew who told me I had gone totally wonko on them, and that I should go live in an asylum. I told them I already did, and they told me to go suck an egg. This I did and immensely enjoyed.

As Ben Edlund’s classic hero once said, “You are not going crazy. You are going sane in a crazy world.” This is not entirely true. I went sane in a sane world while everyone else decided to stay behind and be crazy.

People who haven't C! me;

Everyone except for

passport even bought me one to use!

Haqiqat gave me one to spend (but I didn't use it in time), and then there was a mysterious gift...

And one for grundoon from Pandeism Fish and DTal.

I know Patrick is out there somewhere, I just am not sure where.

Update: It appears he is Patch.

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