Dreams last night. Nightmares, really: stress dreams about travel and interpersonal conflict and being overworked became massively overshadowed by finding an abandoned (off-shift?) laboratory in a place called Port Emergency.

On entrance past multiple-credentialed emergency room-style double doors that I somehow had access to, I found two glass-windowed chambers, one marked "MOUSEY" the other marked "HUMAN". A hapless white mouse skittered across the metal floor of the former: I hit the button next to the window.

Recessed grates opened and gas spewed upwards: I backed away, wondering suddenly if the room was actually sealed. Outlines like nuclear shadows danced in the other lab. As I forced myself to leave, my dreaming. mind immediately decided it was nothing but a video game level for a game I'd just shut off. After that, I managed to wake all the way up.

I don't think I'm going back to sleep this morning.