root log November 2023 for the sub-genius

Hey there! 

Sir jaybonci has announced some cool updates about our website. In general, he's been making a bunch of improvements and fixing some problems. One of the problems was with the part of our site that reads and understands the HTML code (the language websites are written in). The old system had some bugs and wasn’t working perfectly, so he decided to replace it with a new one.

This change might affect how some parts of the site look. But don’t worry, all the HTML tags that worked before will still work. If you notice anything looking strange, let jaybonci know and he'll figure out if it’s a problem with the new system or just some messy HTML code.

In the next few months, the focus will be on:

  1. Moving to React: React is a modern Javascript tool that will help make our website look and work better. Right now, he's working on improving the our nodelet, the small sections on the right side of the page. You might notice a tiny difference in how the page looks.
  2. Switching to ARM: ARM is a type of computer chip that Amazon uses. It’s cheaper and Sir Jay's already got a version of our website working on it. There are just a few more things that need fixing before it's ready for prime time.
  3. Refactoring show content: This is a fancy way of saying I’m cleaning up and organizing a part of our code that helps display things.
  4. Retiring Mason: Mason is an old system we used for organizing our perl code. I’m planning to replace it with ReactJS, which is a smarter and more modern tool.
  5. Modernizing perl dependency tracking: This is about improving how we keep track of all the different pieces of code our website needs to work properly ('to use this, we have to have that, that, and this other thing, etc.').

The ultimate goal is to make our website look and work better, especially on mobile devices. Google search doesn’t like websites that don’t work well on phones, so this is really important. To do this, we need to finish updating our Javascript (another coding language websites use).

We’re also in good shape financially, so no worries there.

(more to follow as more is done)

All Hail jaybonci!! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an entirely unofficial and possibly inept attempt to smooth out the hairy but precise technical terms and sublime style of the magnificent original root log: November 2023 for ease of understanding by us lessor minds. I totally own any errors or omissions, misrepresentations or failures to be cool. Feel free to school me.