The Enchiridion is an important plot device in Adventure Time, a fantastic show that aired on Cartoon Network about 10 years ago. In the show, the book is a sort of manual for heroing which can only be acquired by those whose hearts are righteous. The process of acquiring the book was a bit of a quest wherein our hero Finn the human had to defeat both physical and moral dangers.

The book is an ancient tome with some gems, a mini sword, shield and skull on its cover. The cover also had some depressions which turned out to be purpose built for more gems, the placement of which would open a portal to Prismo's time room, which is another dimension.

The contents of the book, which are essential reading for heroes include a chapter teaching how to kiss a princess, how to find a Cyclops as well as what a Cyclops is good for - its tears have healing powers.

Finn gives up the book to a bear who said he wanted to be a hero. The book is eventually destroyed when it was used to open the portal mentioned above. However, a copy or alternate dimension version of it was seen in other episodes.

Iron Noder 2020, 21/30