What a day, and it's only noon.

I've been wallowing a bit in a depression over Neil Peart passing away after a bout with glioblastoma, the same thing that our dannye had. 

Then my youngest daughter got rear-ended in Colorado, bad enough to destroy her Ford Expedition. She went to the hospital with back and shoulder injuries but neither are life-altering. Luckily my two grandkids were not with her at the time.

But wait, there's more!

My oldest daughter is driving in stop and go traffic in California and she gets rear-ended, but not enough to seriously damage her little pickup truck. Both happened within fifteen minutes of each other. The rest of the family will not be driving today.

Got four inches of rain and a flash flood warning here, plus a tornado a couple of miles away ate some trees. The golf ball-sized hail stayed to the east of my writing cabin so no major damage here. Now the temperature dropped 35 degrees overnight and I'm expecting some snow on top of the now-frozen rain. Wheee!

I do hope your day is going far better than mine.